domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Jewerly and others.

How are you all?
I am updating a lot lately. That means that soon I won't do it!! But let's try not thinking about that now.
As you may know, last week I went shopping (well...maybe not last week, 2 weeks ago. Don't remember well!). 
Some of the things I bought are earrings. I will show you all the jewerly I got so far since 2013 started. (not too many but it's enought for now ).
A few things I bought were jewerly from Iam. You can also visit the page IamI love all the things they sell. And when I bought them, they were cheaper 'cause of the bargains.
I love what they say on their web.
I AM is the costume jewelry brand for women who love fashion and styling: She cares about the way she looks.
Well, I do care about the way I look. Moreover, the jewerly they have is the cutest.
In the next pic I show you the new jewerly I got and the brazalets from Christmas (I really love them!)

So this is what I got for now of jewerly.
And if you notice, I wore some of the earrings and necklace of Iam on other posts.
I think they look really cute! *_*
Talking about other stuff, I also bought a new black eyelinner with a pencil included from Maybelline. It will be my first time using a pencil for doing the eyelinner but it must be the same like the other thing I've been using until now.
And of course MAC eyelashes. I like using them 'cause they last so much. I never bought this one so I am looking forward to try them.

And that's for now :)
Thank you for reading!

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Solamente Mujeres dijo...

Adoraría tener esas pestañas de MAC, me encantó tu blog!

TE SIGO DESDE AHORA...espero puedas pasarte por el miooo! te encontré gracias a que yo también formo parte del grupo BEE.


Liss Cope dijo...

Love the blue earrings ! So pretty! <3 and you look fabulous! <3 big hug honey <3