viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Gyaru Secrets

For me, this site is a bit stupid, but i keep checking it every week. 
People get bored so much...

First of all, i think these two girls look pretty cute. I have to say that the blonde girl looks gyaru for me. The other girl needs to improve a bit more but she can do it if her friend helps her. I think friends should say what is the best way to look gyaru. Just have to try to wear bottom eyelashes, a bit more of make up and well, done i think. Try to dye your eyebrows with the color a bit like your hair, surely you will look better :)

I understand this girl feelings but what she has to do is forget about what other says. She should be happy with herself and try not to listen what other wants to wear. At the end we try to do what society wants. WTF. That's so sad! 
Just think about what you want, forget about others. Be yourself. 

Don't know if this girl use or not photoshop. But why should she stop trying? That's stupid. She can keep trying to become a gal, not because you say that she will stop.
I think everyone have the right to see how far they can get. And of course we can learn about our mistakes.

That awkward moment when this guy use a lot of photoshop, put on a lot of wigs and don't know what to do with his life.
But well, he looks gyaru :)

I think she is cute! And of course we look better when we are done with the make up and hair. You look cool :D

Well...i will just say that you don't know what are you doing until it's late. The worse thing is that people don't listen what doctors and pharmacists say. Just keep on doing what they want. These are the consequences. So bad for you :S But you did well on saying it to other girls.

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