miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Review - False Lower Eyelashes

Hello babies!
So I will talk today about false lower eyelashes. 
I got them some months ago but I couldn't make a review (or I was lazy about writing one) until now. I got them from ebay but don't remember the seller.
Anyway, when I saw them I liked the design 'cause it was cute but you know that it's not the same trying them on than how they looks when we see them in the box. 

A closer pic of my face.

Type:       Lower eyelashes
Design:  ★★

I like them 'cause they have a cool design. They do stand out. For me it's a 5 stars.

Quality:  ☆☆

 I like that the box bring so many of them. The only thing that fails is that they do look fake. They shine with the light so they don't look natural when I wear them. Also they are difficult to put on 'cause they are not very malleable. So if you want them in a specific way it will take time.

Now a big spicture of me wearing them and making faces :P.You can see that they do look fake. And yes, that's how looks my hair when I do nothing to it.

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