domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Fanfestival Pamplona

This update is a bit random but special.  Why is it? 
When I got my first manga (it was Card Captor Sakura when I was 12 years old) and not too many people knew about these japanese things, I read the credits of the people that worked in the Spanish edition. From that point on, I always read credits. And of course I always wanted to see who was the one that translated all the mangas I bought. Two of the names that always appeared were Marc Bernabé and Veronica Calafell. So I always wanted to know what they did or who they were. I can say I started to study Japanese because of them (crazy isn't it?). 12 years have passed and I still wanting to know what they do.
This weekend a convention, called Fanfestival, is being celebrated in Pamplona and when my Japanese teacher told me that Marc Bernabé was going to come I was like... "are you kidding me? I have to go then!"
So here I bring you some of the pics I could took. Not really special. He explained all the things I knew about Japanese but it was good to see him :)

Here with Marc Bernabé. I told him about why I wanted a pic with him. I don't know if he thought I was crazy or something. He only smiled (yeah, I think he thought I was). Or maybe he was just surprised.
There in the convention I met Mei! So glad to see her. We sit together with our respective friends. But we only took a picture -.- I had to censored her face 'cause her eyes looked weird. ¬.¬
I wore these nails. Since I don't have time and the patience of making them, I buy them. They are super simple.
It was really windy. I thought I was going to fly with the umbrella (-_-|||)

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