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Welcome to the Gossip World (English version)

This is a post I wrote before (Welcome to the Gossip World) but i didn't translate it to English so here it is the translation.
I am really sorry about my English but this post is a bit difficult to write. There will be mistakes that I will try to correct.

I do not know how to start talking about what I really mean so I'll try to be as short as possible. I do it from my point of view. It is totally random and do not know why I write it but for those who want to entertain or get bored and do not know what to do, this may be good.

Why I titled "Welcome to the Gossip World"? It's a really simple reason because we live it every day. Howwever, my view is focused from the gyaru world and I do so because, after all, this world is really a gossip one. Did not you want to learn what people do or do not do and try to improve on?
However, it has deg
enerated a lot. But of course, really depends on the type of person. Not too many have degenerated. Do you not understand what I mean? Now I'll explain.

What is a gyaru?

Obviously, for many of you: perfect makeup, great hair and a good outfit, all following guidelines. Agreed. All this is fine, however, and apparently now has become a contest to see "who is better than other" and I feel really sad at this point. It seems that people want to be "cool" because the internet than because theimselves. Fashion is better in internet than in real life just to be better than other girls, and i say girls because girls are the bad ones in this.
For some time, it seems people started to be even more demanding than it should be and easy criticism to others no matter how it hurts. It's really selfish, isn't it?

What makes me sad is that there are girls who would like to join gyaru fashion but do not know how and see it like a really difficult thing. But not because it is difficult, simply because many are so tough, criticize, and instead of helping the neglected they don't do anything. I know this last case is extreme, but really exist. Most veterans should heed who really need it but they do not take account of many of the new ones because they do not contribute anything.

It should not be limited to what is often more sold. What I mean is that not only are magazines such as Egg, Ranzuki, Popsister and Popteen. There are also Jelly, Nuts...more glamorous and fantastic.

I want to talk about makeup.
Another point is that not only exists gyaru with excesive make up because there are some with a touch more elegant and mature. I'm not saying have a natural makeup, because that really is not being gyaru but it's no need to have a super dolly eyes! Remember that they put them super big because they want to imitate the West girls. We ended up doing that because we really like imitating the way they make up and we like their dolly face but just that!

The Japanese have guidelines gyaru makeup, but if you really think about it, it's equals as Westerners do, only a little more elaborate.

About the clothes, obviously you have to dress well, knowing how to combine and, especially, look good with what you wear. Do not try to wear a style which you don't feel good. Many do it because they look more "gyaru" but inside they are not sure or happy about it. We can not force ourselves to wear clothes that do not satisfy us. We would never be happy or secure with ourselves. The important thing is to see beautiful inside and out. But we must strive for it.
You do not have to think about difficult style.With a simple outfit you can make a good impression!

that fashion taste is massive, imposed or incurred to clothing,perfumes, accessories, colors and everything is linked to the beautification. As the quote "to be beautiful must suffer", it requires sacrifice. It is not simple to get what we want and can not be lazy in everything that has to do with fashion.

an important point I have to emphasize is the same as always:
No, we are not Japanese, no, we do not have slanted eyes and no, we do not have the constitution they have. And I really hate people who get physical with each other. The people in question are already complexed so, why does other have to say stupid things about them? You can say things without an awful personallity. These things can be said in a way that people can accept them. There are no rules we have to follow, why people make stupid rules???

- If I have
a big nose do not ask me to do a surgery because i will not.
- If I have big teeth , I will not cut them because you want.
- If I'm fat, look pretty, do not say "can not be gyaru" because I put the same effort as the others do and maybe i try it harder than others! I have the same constitution as you so you have to adapt to me. But in this point i have to say that if you are fat you have to wear clothes which suit you.

You're ugly! You can not be gyaru. WTF? It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. But guys! if you ever see this, do not heed. We are all beautiful and handsome and if we don't feel like this, we at least have the advantage to wear make up and improve the things we don't like about our body. The most importantly thing is being happy with ourselves because if we do not look pretty to ourselves, who will see it? Besides, who said that for the gyaru fashion you have to be beautiful? e_e

Okay that gyaru fashion is a lifestyle, but we don't have to be obsessed about it!!

Hope it can be helpful.
Thanks for reading.

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Amen nena!! Qué bien te ha quedado y qué manejo del inglés!! *__*

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very great post!! ^__^