miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

First Strawberry Kissu Giveaway!!

So I decided to make my first giveaway!
What is this giveaway about?

Beauty and Make Up
10 Pair Upper False Eyelashes
10 Pair Lower False Eyelashes
Make Up Brushes Set
78 Color Eye Shadow and Blusher Color Make Up Palette

Nail Art
3D False Nails
Nail Art Rhinestone Glitter Tip Mix Gems
7 Nail Art Brushes Painting Design Set White Handle
5 Way Nail Art Tool Marbleizing Dotting Pen

How to win?

1. You must be following my blog.
2. Write a blog update talking about this giveaway (if you don't have blog, you can do it on facebook or where you want).
3. For more possibilities to win, click "like" on my facebook page (+1 point), also following me on Bloglovin' (+1 point), follow me on twitter (+1 point), talk about this giveaway on Twitter (+2 points) and tumblr (+2 points).
3. You must comment on this post with your e-mail (so you can be contacted if you win) with the link of your update where you talk about the giveaway (also if you did facebook, bloglovin' and twitter)

This giveaway is an international one.
The winner will be choosen by an automatic generator.
The giveaway will end in 45 days.

So good luck to everyone and don't miss this opportunity!

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