lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Today's make up and...

Hello everyone!
I have an exam on Saturday and I am studying a lot. I had to go to the library for some papers and to check something so I decided to make up like I do lately. (I promise that when I have time I will make a tutorial but I am being so busy now!)
Today I have to go to an activity I am doing but I decided not to go (at least today 'cause I want to study). I am practicing........
Tribal Bellydance
Yes! I can't believe I am doing it. There is always a first time. But I started it the last month and well at least I know I have improved a bit... But I dance like a duck... Eww I sucks.
Anyways, if you don't know what it's like Belly Dance but a fusion with other dances (correct me if I am wrong!). 
Here I leave you a video about it. I found it on youtube and I think this girl is awesome.

It's all about coordination. And I don't have it... -_-

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